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The liability of NextDay Delivery Service (NDS) with regard to any shipment is limited to the sum of $100 unless 1) a higher value is declared for the shipment, in writing, prior to tender to NDS, and 2) an additional fee is paid to NDS for the higher value. These limits, and the terms and conditions contained in this document, apply to ALL NDS shipments, including same-day messenger shipments, routed mail shipments, and routed pouch shipments.


A $5.00 minimum charge will be assessed for all shipments exceeding $100 in declared value. For shipments exceeding $500 in declared value, an additional $5.00 will be charged for each $100 (or fraction thereof) of declared value, up to a maximum declared value of $5,000. Furthermore, if a multipiece shipment is tendered to NDS, the maximum declared value for the entire multipiece shipment is $5,000 and not $5,000 per package within that multipiece shipment.


Shipments containing bonds, securities, money, currency, bullion, jewelry, precious metals, precious stones, gems, or other similar valuables, paintings, statuary, and works of art, are limited to a maximum declared value of $500.


Exposure to and risk of loss in excess of $100, or the declared value if higher, is either assumed by the shipper or transferred by the shipper to an insurance carrier through the purchase, by the shipper directly through shipper’s insurance broker, of an insurance policy. NDS does NOT provide insurance coverage of any kind.

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