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Family owned and operated in Southern California since 1957


John W. Hoskins founded Norco Delivery Service (now NDS)  in Anaheim California  with just himself and his 1957 Ford.  John's deliveries in the early days consisted mostly of retail store deliveries of flowers, electronics and prescriptions at $0.40 a delivery.  


The very first delivery was a transistor radio to a Fullerton woman so she could listen to the World Series.  Over next five decades John built one of the largest privately owned diversified transportation companies in California.


Fullerton Post Office, 1959

Norco began offering the unique Mail Pickup service in 1960 from the Fullerton Post Office.  From there, Norco developed a close working relationship with the US Postal Service in both L.A. and Orange counties.


In 1963 Norco Delivery moved to it's first working facility on Manchester Street in Anaheim at the corner of Katella. That location has since been leveled and is now an overpass for 

the I-5 Freeway.  At the Manchester facility Norco Delivery flourished, hiring company drivers, purchasing delivery vehicles and larger trucks along with servicing clients like Beckman Instruments, Raytheon Corp and DisneyLand.


Throughout the late 60's and 70's the Norco Delivery business continued to expand its services to business community on Orange County  offering larger Bobtail truck deliveries as well as Air Freight Forwarding and local LTL service.  As Norco became more efficient in its operations it also began to expand its business through acquisition, acquiring Ajax Mail in 1975.

1980's & 90's


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